About Kristen


For the past 6 years it has been my honor to serve you as a Holy Cross Energy Director.  In that time my fellow board members and I have led new initiatives that have positioned your cooperative utility as a clear leader in the industry and a community partner. We have implemented successful energy efficiency and solar programs to allow our members control over the source and use of their electricity and will continue to analyze complex cost models and power sources to ensure we’re making the best decisions on your behalf.  In 2017, approximately 40% of the power provided to you was from renewable energy, while maintaining excellent reliability and rates among the lowest in Colorado.  As the utility industry changes we are preparing to meet the challenges of the future; balancing costs with reducing the environmental impact of electricity.

As environmental sustainability manager for the Town of Vail and a manager of the town’s $4 million energy efficiency overhaul, I ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly with maximum return on investment. My sixteen years’ experience in energy management includes policy development, commercial efficiency projects, residential audits and retrofits, efficient building, and climate change mitigation.  I am excited to work with our new CEO, Dr. Bryan Hannigan, formerly of the National Renewable Energy Lab and our talented staff to continue to provide safe, reliable electric service and lead the way forward. I humbly ask for your vote to allow me to continue to contribute to our success. Thank you!